Closing the leadership gender gap in organisations

Developing your pipeline of talented women leaders.

Close the leadership gender gap by developing your pipeline of talented women.

The Advancing Women Formula programs are designed to help organisations close the leadership gender gap and to enable more women to reach their full leadership potential. We provide research-backed and evidence-based solutions and strategies to enable women from all walks of life and at all career stages to advance into leadership.

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We offer a range of developmental programs and experiences for women leaders and aspiring women leaders at every career stage. We ensure that women are provided with experiences and content that enables them to develop and demonstrate critical business skills required for leadership and career advancement.


Leadership Fundamentals

Our leadership fundamentals program is designed for emerging leaders as well as those who are ne to leadership or those who have never had the chance to participate in formal leadership skill building experiences. Our focus is on the basics of leadership, including The Missing Link - BQ!


Moving Through Middle

By enhancing women's leadership skills in middle management, they can be better equipped to advance to senior positions in the future. This program includes a thorough leadership assessment, tailored to the client's strategic context, and a concentrated effort to develop participants business, strategic, and financial acumen so they can lead for greater organisational impact.



This is an organisational 360 degree strategic mentoring program. It is thoughtfully designed to educate women about the importance of strategic mentoring and sponsorship as well as developing the executive mentor's skills for strategic mentoring.

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Achieve Outcomes, Engage Greatness, Use the greatness

The most sought-after people in 21st-century organisations will be those who are known as being able to move organisations forward and manage themselves and others effectively through their expert, ethical and trustworthy approach to business.

- Michelle Redfern

What is The Advancing Women Formula?

How bosses perceive Men vs Women on the3 components of leadership diagram

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