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I am a trusted advisor to leaders who are serious about creating and sustaining diverse, equitable and inclusive workplaces.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion services

Michelle knows how to move organisations from conversation to action. Particularly when it comes to creating and sustaining diverse, equitable and inclusive workplaces that work, for every human.

DEI Strategy &
Planning Advisory

Having proper guidance is crucial when devising a DEI strategy. Michelle offers expert and clear-cut advice to the board, CEO, executive team, and DEI and HR partners on how to create the most suitable strategy for the organisation's DEI maturity level.

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DEI Capability

Michelle assists her clients in developing their DEI capacity and capability to execute their DEI strategy effectively. Both capability and capacity development are crucial and often neglected components for any organisation striving to implement a long-lasting, impactful DEI strategy.

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Workplace Audit & Diagnostics

Michelle provide her clients with precise DEI information and insights through gender equality and inclusive culture audits that utilize data science. This is an initial or early step for clients to take in designing a strategy based on factual information rather than assumptions or generic solutions.

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Women's Leadership Development Programs

These development programs for women are essential for organisations that want to close the leadership gender gap. With a laser sharp focus on building critical business and leadership skills, Michelle enables women to reach their full potential. The programs are research-based solutions and include strategies that are proven to enable women from diverse backgrounds and career stages to advance in leadership roles.

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Inclusion @Work Programs

Michelle’s Inclusion @ Work program is designed to provide employees, especially people leaders, with the 21st Century Skills required to create and sustain inclusive workplaces.  Michelle helps people build awareness about the range of differences that confront us in the workplace and in society, and systematically guides learning about DEI from the fundamentals through to expert level.

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DEI Governance & Oversight

Establishing the governance framework and cadence for board and executive oversight of the DEI strategy implementation is essential for sustained success. Michelle creates the governance framework and then guides, advises and participates as an independent voice on the board and executive steering committee. In addition, she assumes a consulting role for DEI leads and committees in the organisation.

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My mission is simple.

To create a gender-equal world, particularly in sport and business workplaces.

Michelle Redfern Speaking

EmCee, Panellist and Keynote Speaking

Michelle is an inspirational, energetic speaker and facilitator who inspires people to take action to create workplaces that work for every human.​ She is a great storyteller and can relate to people from all walks and stages of life. She is humorous, well-informed, and an expert in her field, having had executive leadership and board experience for significant enterprises throughout her successful career. 

Michelle speaks to organisations in the business and sporting sectors about the importance of DEI strategy development and implementation. She also speaks directly to female leaders about how to advance their careers.

Michelle is also an expert EmCee who can help design and skillfully facilitate your conference or event.

Michelle Redfern Speaking

Key Topics to
Stimulate Action

Michelle speaks regularly on a number of topics as well as works with clients to create bespoke sessions relevant to their needs.


Unlock The Greatness in You

Women... find your place to shine.


How Women Can Have A Career that Soars

Understanding The Missing 33%™and building a soaring career.


Decoding Confidence

For women (and their bosses) who want to go beyond the conventional advice provided to women about being more confident.


How to Network Like a Boss

Learn the importance and art of strategic networking to add rocket fuel to your career.


Leadership that Gets Results

How to engage and align the hearts, minds and efforts of people.


The State of the Nation for Working Women

What organisations must do about levelling the playing field for women.


From Conversation to Action

How to create and sustain workplace gender equality, diversity and inclusion.


21st Century Leadership Challenge

Discover the skills every contemporary leader must have to lead high-performing organisations.

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