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Stop Stressing, Start Soaring…Start Today!

Imagine becoming…

More at ease in your leadership role.
Confident in your ability to lead with greater impact at any level and in any industry.
Widely recognized as an evermore competent, capable, and credible leader.

To make aspirations like these your reality, tap into our content, coaching, events, courses, mentoring and other resources that elevate your leadership capabilities.

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Soar to
New Heights

Whether you are rising to the next rung of the leadership ladder, focused on building proficiency in your current role, or considering your next big career move—our community is here to share actionable resources and tools that will help you to be:

Soar away from the “sticky floor” that holds women down.
Soar out of “maternal walls” that keep us boxed in.
Soar through the glass ceiling - still a barrier to advancement.

Our community and resources are designed to support you on your journey as you Lead to Soar.

Happy looking women at a conference
Happy looking women at a conference

Come for Content,
Stay for Community

Sometimes as ambitious women we feel “out of step,” but in our Lead to Soar community you will find a personal board of advisors of other members who really “get” you.

In our safe, supportive environment, we share major career lessons, strategic moves, challenging workplace issues, go-to technologies and tools, and valuable life experiences... with refreshing honesty and transparency.

Here everyone knows that their voice is worthy of being heard, and that there's value in sharing.

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Happy looking women at a conference

Our mission is to provide practical and actionable insights for women so they can learn, connect and soar.

Your Hosts

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Here’s what you’ll get:

Lead to Soar is a multi-platform resource for ambitious women on a leadership journey.

We have designed it as a supportive, private and distraction-free space to help women become more capable, confident and inspiring leaders today in order to grow in their careers tomorrow.

See the Plans
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Leadership Workshops

Hands on live facilitated workshops that supplement your No Ceiling No
Walls and Make the Most of Mentoring reading. We help you dive deeper into our three-part leadership definition so you will soar on your leadership journey.

Leadership Workshops include our annual 2-day Lead to Soar Summit.

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Monthly  Meetups

Learn, connect and grow with other members during our "not awkward" strategic networking meetup. We spend 60 minutes together on the first Monday (US/CAN/EU) Tuesday (Asia/AU/NZ) of every month during which you will meet other women in smaller breakout groups.

An interesting topic, question or icebreaker get the conversation flowing and make space for your Courageous ASKs.

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Hour of Power Coaching

During Hour of Power sessions, you discuss your career challenges and opportunities, gain insights from your hosts and other members and share your wisdom and experience to help others Lead to Soar. This is an hour of power women supporting each others aspirations.

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Mentoring Circles

Discrete small-group mentoring groups catering to all career stages . Topics include:
• The Missing 33%
• Pathways to Profit - for the solo-preneur or those with a side hustle.
• Moving workplace Diversity. Equity Inclusion from conversation to action
• AND much more...

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Build Strategic Acumen: Resources for understanding, setting and executing strategy
Executive Communication: Use your rarified communication platform to its greatest advantage
Get and Serve on Boards: Preparing to get on, serve on and interact with boards
Talking About Talent
Working with Your Board: Learning to be on a board begins when you start working with your own board.

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Confidence, Competence and Credibility: Power up your confidence quotient
Decoding Confidence: 5 Ways to Up Your Confidence Game
Get a Mentor! Earn a Sponsor: Strategies to Make the Most of Mentoring
Money Matters: Where we all discuss salary negotiation, personal finance, and more.
Professionalism in the Online World:
Masterclass on How to Exhibit Executive Presence in a Virtual World
Speak Up! Be Assertive:
Ways to speak up and get heard!
What are Career Enablers?

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C-Suite Bound
Diverse Women's Connections:
Career development as a rainbow woman and/or ally
From Career-Start into Management: Supporting your transition from individual contributor into middle management
General Career Advice: Advice that applies to any stage
Job Search Tips
Make the Most of Your Career: Overcoming 7 Common Challenges
Moving Through the Middle: Resources for moving through middle management toward senior positions
Role Models and Virtual Mentors: Tap the wisdom of those on whose shoulders we stand
Workplace Challenges: Deal with gender-related challenges and other difficult situations.

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Engage Greatness in Others
On Leadership
The Missing 33% 
Updates to No Ceiling, No Walls
Use the Greatness in You
What's in this Collection?

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Free from Us to YOU
I Did It!

I'm Job Hunting: Let the community know how they can help you with a jobsearch.
Lead to Soar Podcast
Community chat, events & posts of interest to our community and about how things work around here.
Opportunity Knocks: A place to let our network know of open positions.
Your Courageous ASKs

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Financial Acumen Workshop: Learn how the story behind the numbers is more important than the numbers themselves.
Make the Most of Mentoring (Mx3): Capitalize on mentoring to create a career that soars!
Mentoring2Advance: Strategic Group Mentoring to enable A Career that Soars!

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Join our global community supporting the career aspirations of ambitious and high performing women.

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Join our global community supporting the career aspirations of ambitious and high performing women.

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What our community is saying

“Your work is having a global impact.”

I want to thank you again for sharing these resources with me. I have recently been asked to be the CEO of a startup l've been incubating. The idea of being a leader at this level was shocking to me. I was very unsure of whether I was qualified, I was unsure of how I would get there. Your piece on The Missing 33% has shone a light on this for me. It's given me good framing on how to approach this opportunity.

Sophie Moore - Consultflow X Webflow Template
Cat H. A.
Global BD&C

“This has been the best group I have ever joined.”

For my performance review, I used your inspiration, wise words and advice to stand tall and sell my worth and capabilities and tell the story in numbers using strategic and financial acumen. It went better than I could have imagined. The board members said, 'We can't thank you enough.' and my CEO's response was, 'Wow, Sally, you nailed it.' I received a promotion, a pay raise and additional staff for the next project.

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Sally M
General Operations Manager

“Highly recommended”

This community is a band of women warriors who inspire and move other women into action; turning career potential into reality.

Thank you to all the hosts for your great contributions and never tiring of providing us with content and learning opportunities.

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M. Wilkinson

Hear from our host, Michelle Redfern

Lead to
Soar Summit

Come for the content,
stay for the community.

The Lead to Soar Summit is a special opportunity to learn from international leadership and gender equity expert, Michelle Redfern and her partner and business & leadership authority, Mel Butcher.

Participants will have the opportunity to network with leaders from across industries and will take away actionable insights that can be applied immediately to drive outcomes for their organisations.

Held annually in the USA and Australia, this 2 day event positions women to lead for outcomes at the highest levels by providing them with critical skills rarely taught in conventional leadership programs.

We are committed to providing an energising and rejuvenating experience for women and guarantee this will provide a great return on investment for your ongoing professional development.

Group of women around a table

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