Closing the leadership gender gap in organisations

Developing your pipeline of talented women leaders.

Close the leadership gender gap by developing your pipeline of talented women.

Our programs are designed to help organisations close the leadership gender gap and to enable more women to reach their full leadership potential. We provide research-backed and evidence-based solutions and strategies to enable women from all walks of life and at all career stages to advance into leadership.

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We offer a range of developmental programs and experiences for female leaders at every level. From career start, through to the C-Suite, we ensure that women are exposed to The Missing 33%, P.I.E. strategic mentoring and receive targeted development appropriate to their career stage.


Leadership Fundamentals

Our leadership training program is perfect for emerging and established leaders alike, as well as those who have never had the chance to participate in such training. Our focus is on the essential basics of leadership, including  "The Missing 33%".


Moving Through Middle

By enhancing women's leadership skills in middle management, they can be better equipped to advance to senior positions in the future. This program includes a thorough leadership assessment, tailored to the client's strategic context, and a concentrated effort to develop their business, strategic, and financial acumen.



This is a comprehensive mentoring program designed to help women advance quickly into sponsorship roles, develop the executive mentor's skills for strategic mentoring, and implement reverse mentoring programs across the organisation.

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Achieve Outcomes, Engage Greatness, Use the greatness

Leadership is using the greatness in you to achieve and sustain extraordinary outcomes by engaging the greatness in others

- Susan L Colantuono

How bosses perceive
Men vs Women on the
3 components of leadership

How bosses perceive Men vs Women on the3 components of leadership diagram

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