Episode Description

Lisa, during her interview, reflects on gender inequality in sports, recalling how she was unpaid as a high-level netball player while her semi-professional footballer partner earned a salary. She calls for greater pay transparency, especially when public funds are involved, and suggests quotas and targets to drive progress. She highlights the issue of homogeneity in hiring, urging for practices like blind selections to leverage the full talent pool and improve organizational performance.

Lisa is optimistic about shifting attitudes towards women in sports, particularly coaching, aspiring to be recognized for skill over gender. She suggests that resilience for women in sport involves building supportive networks and engaging with positive messaging, especially against the backdrop of social media negativity.

For community sports, Lisa advocates for investment in club improvement and professional development over player payments, emphasizing the community-building aspect of sports. She emphasizes the need for structural changes and personal resilience to overcome gender barriers in sports.

The "Advancing Women in Sport" podcast, where Lisa's interview is featured, aims to share women's stories in sports and calls for action to address gender disparities in the industry, hosting a variety of voices from different sectors within sports.

Episode Transcript

Michelle Redfern

Co Host

Michelle Redfern is a globally recognised gender equality, diversity and inclusion strategist. She advises organisations in the business and sporting sectors on DEI strategy development and implementation and works directly with women leaders to advance their careers.