Episode Description

“Menopausal women are the fastest growing workforce demographic.” (Office of National Statistics UK) - so what must we do as leaders to ensure that we (re)design workplaces and attitudes to support this huge demographic? This discussion with Natalie Moore, L2S member and workplace wellbeing expert will give us insights into the role of leaders so that workplaces become more inclusive, and high performing as a result. We cover:

• What happens during perimenopause?

• Support mechanisms for women in the workplace experiencing menopause.

• How to educate the wider team at work?

• How can leaders support women in the workplace?

• The impact on businesses of not paying attention to women’s health.

• Me. We. Us. Natalie’s call to action around menopause.

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Michelle Redfern

Co Host

Michelle Redfern is a globally recognised gender equality, diversity and inclusion strategist. She advises organisations in the business and sporting sectors on DEI strategy development and implementation and works directly with women leaders to advance their careers.