Episode Description

Selena Rezvani is a recognized author, speaker, and consultant on leadership. Her book, Quick Confidence (Wiley, May 2023), was born out of a viral newsletter she started in 2020, to help people build their confidence through small actions. Selena helps women and marginalised groups tap into their confidence and carve out a path to leadership. In this interview, Michelle discusses with Selena:

• How gender plays a role in confidence.

• How to boost your self-confidence when conditions around you aren’t ideal

• How to gracefully accept praise.

• The importance of self-promotion.

• The importance of your inner confidence coach.

Pre-order Quick Confidence - coming May 9 wherever you can find books!

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Episode Transcript

Michelle Redfern

Co Host

Michelle Redfern is a globally recognised gender equality, diversity and inclusion strategist. She advises organisations in the business and sporting sectors on DEI strategy development and implementation and works directly with women leaders to advance their careers.